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Proyectos Comunitarios

Algunos de nuestros proyectos están ayudando a la comunidad al convertirla en un lugar mejor para la sociedad, uno de nuestros eventos es invitar a la gente a unirse a nuestra causa. Las siguientes imagenes muestran algunos de los eventos que hacemos para ayudar a la comunidad ya se ha unido y ofrecido como voluntaria para ayudar a los necesitados. !Unete a nosotros ahora!

We have helped a lot of people who need it, and now we want you to be part of our family. That is is why we are helping you with the Census. we want you to be part of something greater.

It is a great plesure to help our city by making it better for future genertions and we hope it is enough for people to recieve a little amount of food every weekday. We have the hope that they will return the favor by helping others same as we did with them.

We dont only help the community but we also inform and assist people who came here for a better life and are searching for a job. Especially during this pandemic people are in search of a job and we are here to give a hand.

We also collaborate with other non-profit organizations for example some of them being the Ecuadorian Consulate, Elmhurst Hospital, and World Central Kitchen. 

One of our most recent events is free covid-19 testing for people that needed it, we also cleaned the streets before we started the testing.


On June 5th we went to Corona Plaza to hand out food. we handed out more than 200 plates of food to those in need. We worked under the scorching sun to give food for those who need. 


Minga for  Cleaning and helping out community.

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